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300Lstill info

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The 300L fractional still is a stand alone distillation machine, this food grade ethanol still is not a scaled up version of the 25L or 50L fractional stills and the only similarity is the shape of the still, this still is a powerful machine. The Still's boiler is 350L capacity and capable of producing 120L of 95% alcohol in 10 hours. That equals to 12L of 95%+ ethanol per hour. the column's construction is absolutely different from the 25 or 50L stills and allows complete condensation of the purified alcohol, the column has the manual adjustment of reflux ratio and high production speed.

The 300L ethanol still is a secondary distillation device that processes a crude ethanol separating heads and tails, crude ethanol is supplied to the still by the continuous distillers, the crude alcohol is loaded periodically and each distillation takes approximately 11 hours. One hour of preheating and 10 hours of actual distillation. This still is ideal for medium sized distilleries, along with the continuous alcohol stripping still, this fractional distiller is potentially capable of producing up to 840L of food grade alcohol a week which is up to 2052L of ready 40% vodka or other spirits.

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