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Metal treatment
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Continuous waste motor oil distiller.

Price : $100

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This manual will help you to build a real continuous waste motor oil distiller that would be capable to continuously process used automotive and industrial oils into usable and clean diesel fuel at rates of up to 10L per hour, moreover the continuous distiller is capable to bleach dark and dirty diesel-based fuels, and will remove the dye from the dyed diesel fuel at rates of up to 15L per hour. Thus practically supplying the owner with almost free fuel for a diesel car, diesel generator, diesel heater (burner)or agricultural machinery in your farm, all you need to do is to find a supply of used engine oil that some mechanics is having trouble to get rid of. Thus you will own your crude oil processing mini-refinery that will pay for itself in no time. Now, let’s do some calculation – the cost of the manual is the US $100.00
The cost of materials from a stainless dealer will fit into the $200.00 – 300.00
If second-hand metal from the scrap yard is using then it could be bought from $20.00 to $ 50.00, so let say that your still will cost you about $300.00 in total -
The cost of 1L of the diesel fuel in Europe is minimum $1.30, and the maximum is $1.75
Thus if you use only 20L of diesel fuel per week – you’ll spend from $1352.00 up to $1820.00
And this is less likely possible minimum; in reality, the overage car owner will double these figures at least, I am not talking about a piece of farm machinery and other possible equipment like backup power generators, water pumps, boats and so on – name it…
And at the same time, many of us can find a good source of some used automotive oil – motor oil, automatic transmission oil, hydraulic oil at the cost of asking. Some mechanics will be happy to get rid of it, or maybe you are a motor mechanic or person from the car scrap/removal company. And thinking about improving your business output and instead of having trouble to dispose of your collected sump oil – you may turn it into a useful fuel to run your yard machinery and diesel heaters, backup generators.
The distillery is low maintenance right continuous oil distillation machine that is not a pyrolysis machine - this distiller if correctly used is capable of good quality fuel that will not be prone to oxidation, will not smell horribly like a pyrolysis fuel and will ensure a standard engine work.
Anyway, even at lowest diesel fuel prices, this machine will pay for itself in no time at the overage production rate of 10L per hour it will save you at least $10.00 per hour worth of fuel (and crude oil prices are climbing up again).

The machine that described in this manual is simple and relatively easy to build by any person who can work with sheet metal and weld a bit, and the manual contains all necessary information to replicate the distiller described in these construction plans.
The plans are loaded with heaps of step by step pictures of the real working still construction. The distilling machine is a simple continuous system, and despite the simplicity, it gives outstanding results while bleaching colored diesel-based fuels, including red diesel fuel, and also capable of processing pyrolysis liquids, petroleum "gas condensate," and capable of processing of used automotive and industrial mineral and synthetic oils into usable diesel fuel.

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